company : charlene st. john bio

I started CLS Consulting in 2001 to work with companies on strategic business and marketing planning and customer development. With more than twelve years of experience launching and leading strategic business and marketing initiatives in corporate and start-up environments, I help clients uncover and maximize opportunities and develop results-driven integrated marketing programs for customer acquisition and growth.

Before CLS Consulting, I worked for American Century Investments [Kansas City, MO and San Francisco, CA] one of the largest direct-marketed mutual fund companies in the United States. Launching ACIís online initiative in July 1994, I went on to direct strategic marketing planning and development for the companyís consumer and business-to-business online initiatives. In addition, I worked extensively on a range of direct marketing and marketing communications plans and programs for ACIís business-to-business products and services.

Prior to joining American Century Investments, I worked as a Senior Account Manager at Woods Creative Group [Kansas City, MO], a marketing and advertising firm, and in shareholder communications for Stein Roe Mutual Funds [Chicago, IL]. I graduated from the University of Kansas, B.S. Journalism, in 1987.

My background in financial services and client service includes driving customer research and behavioral studies to understand customer experience and developing superior customer-focused marketing strategies and tactics.