approach : process

CLS Consulting tailors each consulting engagement to the specific needs of the client. We work in close partnership with existing marketing organizations, and we have alliances with a seasoned team of marketing and design professionals, as needed.

A typical engagement includes:

Pre-Project Planning and Kickoff
Initial client meeting(s), input and agreements on terms of consulting engagement, deliverables, timelines and budgets.

Discovery, Brainstorming and Planning
Client meetings, as well as discussion and review of relevant information (e.g., business input, research, customer data).

Information Collection, Synthesis and Analysis
Data collection, research, observations, analysis and review of proposed strategies and conclusions with client.

Conclusions and Recommendations
Final development of business, marketing and/or project plans.

Implementation and Development
Plan and project implementation, development and research.

Review, Analysis, Refinement
Review of final deliverables, as well as project and ROI analysis (post-implementation) and refinement opportunities.